Suggestions for AA Memories Part 3?

2014-02-05 21:17:23 by ksetsuni

We're currently discussing some ideas concerning the game development for the third game. Though we have the main plot already decided, there are still many parts in the game (especially Ayano's interaction with Kakeru) that we've yet to come up with.  So we kinda wanted to ask you guys... What do you guys think?  Any suggestions for the third game? 

Here are the questions we want some answers to:

  • What did you like about the second game? As in, which features do you want to remain in the third game? I feel like this is not a very fair question to ask considering not all features are actually out but please do your best to answer.
  • What new content would you like to see implemented or wanted to see but haven't seen yet? 
  • What would you like to see Kakeru do in the third game? Fantasies, daydreams, anything? I know Kakeru's not very daydream worthy lol...
  • Any thoughts on the BGM of the game? Some people have suggested to choose catchier tunes or ones more pleasing to the ears, but since my BGM database is limited to Flashkit, it's kind of difficult to come up with free, good quality music... Do you guys know any website where we can find free sound loops?

I know a lot of people were asking about a saving system in the game.  I'm currently working to develop an effective saving system so please bear with me; even as I say that, I can't really promise that there will be a saving system in the third game :/ We mostly want suggestions about the plot content of the game, and not so much the gameplay. But if you guys have any good suggestion involving either plot or gameplay, feel free to leave it in the comments ^^ I can't promise that all the suggestions (if there will even be any, haha) will be implemented in the game, but I promise we will seriously consider all of them. -- xXshuemaraXx

P.S. I said we'll seriously consider all suggestions, but we can't consider anything if no one leaves a comment, so... Leave a comment!!! ... Please?


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2014-02-12 10:58:55

Hello, I'm signed up into this site because your game. I'm a curious person and I'm really curious about the end of the Kakeru's story. I think is because he is hilarious and he has a lot of misteries around his past. So, if my comment will help you... Let's go:

What did you like about the second game? A.: I liked that the time was longer than the first, I think if you'll do the third with the same duration of time, it will be great. I liked the unlocked images throughout the episode, when I did the right choice. And, I really loved the final scene of the true end. It make me wonder about the Kakeru's past and I feel like I've watching an anime... It is the reason I'm playing... :)

What new content would you like to see implemented or wanted to see but haven't seen yet?
I don't know, I'm not exactly a teenager, like I said, I'm here because I'm curious (and because I'm learning about game development). Let me think... Well, it's clear that Kakeru have feelings for the player and he promised that he would tell her about his past, but he is afraid if something will goes wrong. Maybe you can work in his insecurity while he coexists with the player. What am I talking about? hahahaha... Try to take into consideration the impact of coexistence with the player character. And the impact of their false relationship, maybe you can work with it.

Any thoughts on the BGM of the game? Do you guys know any website where we can find free sound loops? I knew one, but I don't remember. I used it in a project last year... I notice if I remember.

P.s.: what technologies are you using to programmer this game?

(Updated ) ksetsuni responds:

Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions. They help a lot ^^ We'll keep it in mind as we develop the story further :)

As for the programs used in this game, here they are:
Illustrations: PaintTool SAI & GIMP 2.0
Game: Macromedia Flash MX 2004 & MX 2004 Pro

The way we make this game isn't the most efficient ^^;; but it works for xXshuemaraXx (the programmer) so yeah... If you want to know more about how our process goes, feel free to send me a PM :) I'll gladly answer any questions you may have concerning the game development aspect.


2014-02-26 22:39:39

well I think maybe you shoud add more Sundays so you can do more stuff with Kakeru and maybe you should make it longer oh and maybe a back story on the purple haired girl from the end of the true ending if I have any more thoughts I will add more comments :)

ksetsuni responds:

we'll definitely try to add more "free" time throughout the third game :) and i cant really give too much details but the characters briefly mentioned in the 2nd game will make appearances on the third game ^^


2014-02-28 10:50:24

What did you like about the second game? I like shy seen of kakeru he's very cute and sweet seen It make me crazy.I like hard system of game because if this game easy it will boring.
What new content would you like to see implemented or wanted to see but haven't seen yet?
I thing content it up to your story board. I excited and wait new content from you always.
What would you like to see Kakeru do in the third game?
I prefer to see face(handsome) of kakeru lol and I want to see other side of himself. He has really charm and interested.
Sorry for my english.I'm thai,my english not good.Not strange that you will not understand me lol
I love your game very much and wait your game always ! Fighting !!

ksetsuni responds:

Aw, thank you so much for the reply >///< We really appreciate the fact that you took the time to respond <3 I understand what you're trying to say :) Thank you so much for the support. We'll do our best to make the third game. >///<


2014-03-09 11:41:57

Hey, I loved Playing this game and i am looking forward for the third part actually i m very excited and must say u r very creative i love the story about how two strangers fell in love can u tell me the appromate time when the 3 part will launch i m very excited I LOVE YOUR GAME!!

ksetsuni responds:

the appropriate time...hmm...we are going to work on the third game during the beginning of usually takes us a month but the third game is ridiculously long and complicated so...probably by the end of summer TT_TT


2014-03-12 04:10:58

Hi! This is the 1st time I commented or did anything with an account for this site. I usually don't do anything else but play games, but I really loved these two games so I wanted to comment on this. :) My suggestions? Well, I'm not too good at suggestions, but I'll try, just for you guys. :p
What did I like about the 2nd game? I love how dynamic Kakeru is. He's a jerk at 1st (a funny jerk haha), but then we see a good side of him at the end of the 1st game. P.S. I loved the 1st game too! I'm a sucker for the cute damsel-in-distress-and-guy-rescues-her kinda thing. :3 What was cool about this one though was it wasn't the usual mushy 'they're already in love and the guy rescues her' thing (though I like those too! :p), he didn't seem to like her and was actively trying to get rid of her but then came to her rescue when he saw what was happening. So cute! <3 And then in the 2nd one we see that he's not just a funny jerk, he actually is pretty shy, keeps to himself, and is a tad awkward around girls, which is refreshing from the usual popular-guy-that-all-the-girls-love-but-he-loves-you scenario. lol And then he gets even more interesting when we see that he's like that due to some mysterious stuff that happened in his past. That really pulled me in, because now I'm dying waiting to know what happened. I don't know how I'm gonna make it another few months until the next one! haha I actually come back to replay them occasionally whenever I start thinking about how much I can't wait for the next one. :)
What would I like to see Kakeru do in the 3rd game? Oh geez, that's a loaded question. What don't I want him to do. lol But definitely I'd like to see more of them as a couple, and his romantic side more, we only just got a taste of it at the end of the 2nd one. ;) I also think it would be cool if he had to save her again somehow. (I told you I'm a sucker for the damsel thing. ^^*) It does't have to be anything dramatic. (Although I'd like dramatic like in the 1st game too! :3) You said the two mystery characters would show up in the 3rd game, so maybe they see how close Kakeru is to her and the girl doesn't like it so she threatens her to stay away, and maybe the threats get steadily worse until he sees it happen and finally gets over his past with them tells them to back off. If not, maybe something else, I don't know if my suggestions suck sorry. >.>

(Updated ) ksetsuni responds:

Aww, thank you so much >///< You have no idea how much this made us happy QvQ I love how you got all of the subtleties of Kakeru's character >< We were afraid that Kakeru would forever be pegged as the typical "tsundere" character because of the first game when we feel that he's so much more but I don't know... maybe that's biased cuz we created him after all lol But we're glad to know that there are people like you who does look at the characters properly ^^

We really appreciate the feedback and suggestions :) I can't guarantee that we'll be able to incorporate all of it in the span of the third game ^^; But we'll definitely consider it.

Thank you so much for your feedback QAQ It really means a lot... And I wish we can release the game soon >< but unfortunately the game is still in development *cough* as we haven't even *cough* started on it yet *cough* Once we get start though, I promise we'll try our best to finish it without decreasing the game quality :)


2014-04-03 00:44:22

hi! I really liked your game haha
WHAT DID I LIKE ABOUT THE SECOND GAME? well i kinda liked everything. I also liked how the choices like going to the convienence store related to the birthday scenario. I liked how the answers were simple yet you would want to choose the more kinder sounding one haha.
WHAT NEW CONTENT? hmmm well maybe just more scenarios i guess :) :)
WHAT WOULD I LIKE TO SEE KAKERU DO? stay the same in a way, at least towrds Ayano. A plot twist is fine haha, esepcially about Kakeru's past. It's like a drama in a sense. Kakeru is actually pretty daydreamworthy, with the flashback and all. Hmm just whatever helps move the game along that you deem fit. I look forward to the third game :)


2014-04-17 00:16:34

Hello! ^o^
I'm proud to say that I created this account just to help you out with suggestions! And if it's too late, I still want to say that I really enjoyed the game. I feel like you've put a lot of thought into the dialogue and the events that happen and I really appreciate it. And I really love your art which definitely gets my attention since I'm such a picky person when it comes to these games. Everything adds up really well and this is literally one of the best games I've played in my life. You've also inspired me to draw my own manga again, which I used to do, but stopped because of lack of motivation and laziness.

Firstly, I again would like to say that I really like the dialogue because it looks as if it was given a lot of thought to it. I also enjoy mini scenes that occur throughout the game because usually with other games it seems as if you just click click click, and so it turns out to not really be a story. I also LOVE how Kakeru is a boy who is a good and caring person, but can be a little tough. The mystery of Kakeru's past life in the club is also very interesting so clicking on the evidence and hacking into his computer was pretty darn awesome too. :)

For new content I of course would want more people being introduced in the game. Maybe a girl or a guy that makes one of the characters jealous or competitive. Or maybe a new member of the group wants to join and Ayano is really enthusiastic about it. I of course would like to reveal more of Kakeru's mystery and what happened to the club. And since Kakeru has dated before, maybe he's leaving ayano because he's scared of something that might happen again. GASP. I wonder if one of the club members was his girlfriend?! Idk. :P This is also obvious, but I want this relationship between the main character and Kakeru to blossom more.

Kakeru is hot-- I MEAN. Kakeru a pretty decent guy already. I think it would be funny to add a part where Kakeru would have a really weird, but romantic dream about the main character. But y'know do what you can, and I'll still love it! :)

BGM is just fine. Whenever I would remember or mention the game to someone else the BGM would totally just play in my mind and I'm totally ok with that.

But anyways, those are my suggestions. Thanks for the consideration or atleast just reading my comment! But please, do whatever you think is best. <3 YOUR GAMES!

ksetsuni responds:

Thank you so much for your input! And we're touched that you made an account just for this TT^TT, we're definitely considering your suggestions :). Really, thank you xD


2014-04-20 13:07:57

Hello there, do you still need any comments and suggestions?^^
(First off, sorry for my English, I'm from Russia).

I really liked First Arc of AA Memories, you did a great job there, and I am looking forward for the third game*_*
I think I like arts the most. It would be really cool to have more of those cutscenes, like on week one, when Ayano helps Kakeru with typing, or in the end, on May 12th (my birthday, by the way *o*). IMHO, those were the most touching and enjoyable parts of the game^_^ So yeah, we love cute cutscenes.
As for Kakeru's interactions with Ayano, I can't be really useful on this one. I suppose though there will be a lot of plot stuff going on. I mean, it feels like a lot of things about Kakeru's past are about to come up, and the game will be mainly about his story, and it will be overwhelmed if there will be a lot of Ayano/Kakeru thing as well. On the other hand, it is a sim date after all, right?... Nah, I'm no good at this xD
Although I sure can tell I was expecting some drama there. At very least, there are those mysterious Amami and Kazue (I didn't get the names right, did I?x) ), and ex-girlfriend, and Kakeru's is being made to do something he doesn't want to... It just can't be simple and not dramatic x) So I suppose that story itself is going to be entertaining as it is, and as long as Ayano is in there (trying to find out what's going on, and to help Kakeru as much as she can I DON'T KNOW it's your game AND story after all), it will be very touching and quite sim-datish.
I was also thinking that, since Kakeru had this bad experience with that ex-girlfriend, and Hibiki doesn't show much trust for Ayano, it might be that Kakeru would behave a bit distant all of a sudden. I mean, Hibiki is his best friend, and he reasonably says to be carefull - if I were Kakeru, I would be _extremly_ careful even if it doesn't look like there will actually be any trouble. Something like that would make sence. I think. Probably.

Anyways, those were not much of suggestions, more like my weird expectations from the game that won't be really useful >///< Just take it as fanmail, where I say that I liked two first games a lot, and I'm very excited for the last one to come out, forget everything I wrote and do something great I am sure I (and everyone as well x) ) will definately like xD <3 your works, do your best, good luck^_^

ksetsuni responds:

i cant believe it took me 2 weeks to see this o.O thank you so much for your suggestions/comments :) they're really appreciated and we'll keep them in mind as we develop the story ^^


2014-05-05 17:39:13

Hi there! (I'm spanish so if there's any mistake with my English I'm really sorry...I'm not very good at it...T_T)

First of all, I wanna congratulate you for your great job! I mean, in my opinion (and I think lots of people think the same) AA Memories is a very good game and I had a very good time playing it. So, thank you very much for creating such a game. (and good luck for the next chapters! ^-^)
"What did you like about the second game?" Well, I would say everything: the drawings, the dialogues, the date, story, etc etc. I think that what I really like is when you have to look really carefully for clues (for example: in the date, in the book store, you had to read the title of the book Kakeru was reading so you could buy it for him) and because of that, instead of just click without reading the text, you're always paying attention to everything and, for me, that makes the game more exciting and interesting. I also like those little animation like, for example, the one of the date on the main character's birthday or when Kakeru couldn't write and she helped him. I think those ones were really good drawings. (I really loved the True Ening, i was like *o*)

"What ner content would you like to see implemented or wanted to see but haven't seen yet?" Mm...For me, that is a difficult question 'cause I don't know, I have a good feeling of everything that has happened until now. Maybe more scenarios? More people? See who Hibiki is? More options? I don't really know, I like how the game is with your own ideas.

"What would yo like to see Kakeru do in the third game?" I really like Kakeru's personality and I think that it would be great to see him jealous. After watching the epilogue I think that Kakeru should avoid her because he doesn't want to repeat the history (like Hibiki said) but, I don't know, maybe there's a new guy in the club and he's interested in the main character and then Kakeru gets jealous or something like that...It's just a suggestion but I really believe that it would be great to watch a jealous Kakeru, but after all it's your story so everything you do will be great :)

I don't know if I helped you or anything, but if I did I would be really pleased. If it's too late, just ignore everything I have said, I believe it would be a great story. And again, thank you very much for creating such a good game, I really love it and good luck!!!!!

ksetsuni responds:

everyone's input is appreciated ^^ thank you so much for taking the time to give us your feedback. i'm glad you liked the game and we hope that we wont disappoint you with the next one >< we'll keep your suggestions in mind :)