Another Update on Artist Academy

2014-01-11 00:33:08 by ksetsuni

I already have the complete version of the game (without the extras).  All I'm waiting to do now is to fix the bugs and errors that my beta testers find, it should be too long before I publish the game :)



I finished the soundless version of the game (it's still incomplete in that the extra features are inaccessible but the main game is complete); are there anyone who are interested in beta testing it? to help find bugs and such so i can fix them before i publish the game.


I have some good news and some bad news...

Good news is, I'm almost done with the game.  I already finished putting the main ending in the timeline.  All I need to do is add the alternate endings and the sounds.  We decided that the initial release of the game will not yet include the extras (because honestly there isn't enough time) but the extras should not affect the actual gameplay.

Bad news is... I might not finish putting it all together by Sunday x_x I'm so sorry that I keep pushing back the release date for this... but I do like to have some down time during my vacations because I'd probably go crazy if all I looked at were ActionScript codes and frames. That said, I may or may not get it released by Sunday. If I work hard enough, I could probably finish the alternate endings by Sunday, but that would mean it won't have any sounds.

Nevertheless, I'll try my best these next two days to finish the game. Once again, I'm so sorry... =_= especially to those who played the game like 6 months ago.


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2014-01-12 19:06:39

Yea ill beta it if you like.

ksetsuni responds:

thank you >< i PMed you with the information :o i might be posting a more recent version so if you want to wait for me to post that version, that's completely fine :)


2014-01-12 22:28:05

so far I love it! :)