News about the sequel

2013-11-22 08:35:15 by ksetsuni

Hey guys!
I'm so sorry that we havent uploaded the game at all, the semester was really busy and I couldnt find the time to actually work on it...
the semester is almost over \(ˆ▽ˆ)/ that'll give us at least a month to work on and release the part 2 of artist academy i promise i'll try to get it out before january 13.
Thank you so much for your patience and support it really means a lot to us.
Here's a little something from the next part ;) (and no Kakeru doesnt have a twin)

News about the sequel


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2013-11-23 12:35:38

That picture is so adorable! :D
Cannot wait for the next one! ^_^
Good luck on your exams! :)

ksetsuni responds:

thank you ^^


2013-12-06 15:30:28

exams?! i forgot about mine. What a pain that something so great is also a reminder of hell freezing over for two hours...


2013-12-15 10:53:30

Good luck for the exams, and omg I need to play the game, please... *_____* xD

xoxoxo from Luxembourg!

ksetsuni responds:

aww thanks :D I read this a little late but thank you ^^ currently working on the game and hoping to get it out by jan 13